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Evolve Corner Assembly

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www.SunStreamSaunas.com1-888 262 4477Assembly Manual

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Please note: It is important that the sauna floor is level. Checking with a large level is recommended. If thefloor is not level, shimming or other remedies should be applied before assembling the sauna.www.SunStreamSaunas.com1-888 262 4477Position the Floor Base It is necessary to place the floor out from your walls for assembly and slide the sauna into position followingassembly.Prepare the Floor BaseIf you are assembling your sauna on a hard surface floor, it is recommended that you apply theincluded adhesive felt pads to the bottom of the Floor Base, 3 on each corner and along therunner strips of wood.

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www.SunStreamSaunas.com1-888 262 4477Right Back WallPosition the Right Back Wall into the channelof the Floor Base. Shift the wall fully towardsthe back corner of the Floor Base.Remove Heater GuardsRemove the magnetic heater guards fromthe 2 large Back Walls and 2 small FrontWalls

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Left Back WallPlace the Left Back Wall into the FloorBase channel.NOTE: It is NOT necessary to lift the entire Right Back Wall. Simply slide the RightBack Wall upward at the corner about 1/2" to connect to the Left Back Wallwww.SunStreamSaunas.com1-888 262 4477It is helpful if the helper appliespressure against the oppositeedge of the Left Back Wall. Thiswill help ensure that the two wallsremain in contact and thefasteners will connect.There are two sets of fasteners to join the back corner together. After lowering the Right Back Wall, check toensure that both sets of fasteners have connected by looking at the corner inside of the sauna. It is possible toconnect one set of fasteners and miss the other. If there is an obvious gap in the corner between the two wallsat least one fastener has not connected and the raising and lowering procedure will need to be repeated.Right Back WallRight Back WallConnect Back CornerConnect the Right Back Wall to theLeft Back Wall by raising the RightBack Wall approx. 1/2" then slidingdown to connect the 2 fasteners.Cinch the two walls together byapplying pressure on the outside of theRight Wall with the inside of your knee.The narrow portion of thekeyhole shape slides downon to the tab on the adjacentwall to lock the walls togetherLeft Back WallLeft Back Wall

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www.SunStreamSaunas.com1-888 262 4477Power CordAfter installing the 2 Back Walls, decide which of the exit holes youwish to use for the power cord.Feed the main power cord through thechosen exit hole in the Back Wall.DO NOT PLUG THE POWER CORDINTO YOUR WALL OUTLET AT THISTIME

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www.SunStreamSaunas.com1-888 262 4477Front Door WallPlace the Front Door Wall in theFloor Base channel. Support thehinge side of the door frame with ablock of the styrofoam packagingas pictured.Prepare the Front Door WallEnsure that the circular connector is pulled out from within the Doorframe.Stuffing a bit of plastic wrap in to the door frame temporarily to holdthe connector out may be helpfulInsert the Door to Floor Base ConnectorInsert the circular connector from the bottom ofthe door frame into the connector in the FloorBase. The small groove in the black plasticconnector must align with the ridge inside of theconnector in the Floor Base. Secure the ConnectorEnsure that the connector is fully inserted andthread the locking cuff down. Be certain thelocking cuff is threading correctly and do notforce it if it is cross threading.With the locking cuff fully threaded down, removethe styrofoam block and lower the Front DoorWall into the Floor Base channel..

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www.SunStreamSaunas.com1-888 262 4477Side Wall Glass PanelInstall the Side Wall Glass Panel with the etching onthe glass facing to the interior of the sauna whilesecond person stabilizes the Front Door Wallholding it upright. Glazing StripInsert the flexible glazingstrip into the channel of thedoor frame alongside theglass. This will aid in holdingthe glass panel in place whilethe assembly continues.A small wooden wedge isincluded to help push theglazing strip into thechannel if needed Position the Right Side WallInsert the Right Side Wall into the FloorBase channel while simultaneously,carefully, inserting the Side Glass Panelinto the channel of the Right Side WallNOTE: It is essential that the helper continues to stabilize and hold the FrontDoor Wall upright while Side Wall is being installed

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Connect Back Right CornerConnect the Right Side Wall to theRight Back Wall by raising the RightSide Wall approx 1/2" then slidingdown to connect the fastenersCinch the two walls together byapplying pressure on the outside ofthe Right Side Wall with the inside ofyour knee.The helper continues to hold theFront Door Wall after the BackRight Corner is connectedwww.SunStreamSaunas.com1-888 262 4477Back Wall Back Wall NOTE: It is NOT necessary to lift the entire Side Wall. Simply slide the Side Wall upward at the corner of the sauna to connect to the Back WallHold Back Wall DOWN while slidingRight Side Wall UPRight SideWall Right SideWall

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www.SunStreamSaunas.com1-888 262 4477Install Left Side Glass PanelInsert glazing strip into door frame channelPosition the Left Side Wall Connect the Left Back CornerLeft Side WallRepeat the same procedure used to assemblethe Right Side Wall for the Left Side WallHold Back Wall DOWN while slidingLeft Side Wall UPBack Wall Back Wall Left SideWall Left SideWall NOTE: IT IS ESSENTIAL THAT THE HELPER CONTINUES TO HOLD AND KEEP THE FRONT DOORWALL UPRIGHT. ALLOWING THE FRONT DOOR WALL TO LEAN COULD RESULT IN SIDE GLASSPANEL FALLING AND BREAKING

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www.SunStreamSaunas.com1-888 262 4477Wrap the Entire SaunaUse the provided roll of plastic wrap toencircle the entire sauna 3X around.Once wrapped, there is no need for thehelper to continue supporting the frontwall.3 X

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www.SunStreamSaunas.com1-888 262 4477Prepare the RoofPull the plastic connectordown and out of the roof beforelifting the roof into place.If you are unable to grab hold ofthe connector through the smallopening in the ceiling, it may benecessary to remove the firstT&G board on the left side ofthe roof and feed the connectordown through the opening.Install the Sauna RoofLift the Roof up and over top of the sauna walls. Hook the right side corners of the roof over thewalls then lower the roof toward the left side ofthe sauna.Roof Power ConnectionConnect the 12 Volt power supplywire at the left corner of thesauna. This wire brings power to the rooffor the stereo and lighting components.Continue to lower the roof on to the walls.It may be necessary to spread Side Wallsand Front Door Wall apart slightly if theplastic wrap is holding the walls out ofshape for the Roof to drop into place

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www.SunStreamSaunas.com1-888 262 4477Left Side Leg HeaterInstall Left Side Leg Heater by sliding itdown into holding brackets on wallsRight Side Leg HeaterInstall Right Side Leg Heater by sliding itdown into holding brackets Leg Heater ConnectionConnect the power supply lead from theLeft Leg Heater to the Right Leg Heateras shown

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www.SunStreamSaunas.com1-888 262 4477Under-Bench ElectricalNOTE: Do not connect main power cord to your wall outlet at this time.Connect the circular connector to PowerSupply Box. Align the groove in black plasticconnector with the ridge in the power boxconnector. Thread the cuff of the connector onfully.Attach the 'D-Sub' computerstyle connector as shown.Plug in all heater leads to thereceptacles in the Power Supply Box.Plug Main Power Cord into the Power SupplyBox as shown. DO NOT PLUG THE POWERCORD INTO THE WALL OUTLET YET.

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www.SunStreamSaunas.com1-888 262 4477Left BenchPosition the Left Bench as shownGrounding WireConnect the yellow grounding wire frombottom side of the Left Bench to the yellowgrounding wire from the Power Supply Box.Lower the Left Bench into position Right BenchPosition the Right Bench as shownGrounding WireConnect the yellow grounding wire frombottom side of the Right Bench to the yellowgrounding wire from bottom of Left Bench.Lower the Right Bench into position

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www.SunStreamSaunas.com1-888 262 4477Door Heater ConnectionConnect the Door Heater coiled wire tothe Door Frame. Align the groove in theblack circular connector with the ridgeinside the Door Frame ConnectorHeater GuardsReinstall the magnetic Heater Guards onthe 4 WallsInstall the Door KnobPlug in the mainPower Cord into therequired NEMA5-20 wall outlet120V 20 ampsInstall the 4 furniture boltsthrough top and bottom ofdoor frame using theincluded allen key Install the remaining 2 Glazing Strips into theRight and Left Side Wallsalongside the glass panels

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www.SunStreamSaunas.com1-888 262 4477Chromotherapy LED Ceiling PanelThe Chromotherapy LED panel is controlled by the remote control and is NOTconnected to the sauna wall Control Panel.Power OFF Power ONP1 - P4 Slow colorchanging programsScroll through colors13 Static Colors to choose fromDimmer UP & DOWN

Page 17 1 - 888 262 4477 Heater GuardsThe heater guards in your new Sun Stream Infrared Sauna are held to the wall withstrong earth magnets. If preferred, the heater guards can be screwed directly to the wallfor a more permanent and secure attachment. The heater guards are pre-drilled for theattachment screws.Screws are included to attach the heater guard to the wall. Select a drillbit with a smaller diameter than the screw threads to drill a pilot hole

Page 18 1 - 888 262 4477 Drill a pilot hole into the wall throughthe holes in the heater guards.Do notdrill deeper than necessary for thelength of the screw. NOTE: The pilot holes are importantto ensure that the tongue and groovewall boards do not split wheninstalling screws.Install screws to firmly attach heater guard to the wall

Page 19 1 - 888 262 4477 Ensure that the legs' ends are flushwith the bottom edge of the framesConnect bench legs to the insidecorners of the frames using suppliedwood screws.Attach the leg assembly to the bottom of the bench surface.Choosewhich surface of the bench you prefer to be the top and bottom.Option-L Movable Bench Assembly

Page 20 1 - 888 262 4477 CupholderMany of our customers simply set the cup holderon the bench of the sauna. In the Evolve 10, 20and 30 saunas, the cup holder can be mountedon the side wall under the heater panels. Besure to drill pilot holes first for the wood screwsto mount cup holder to the T&G wall boards. BackrestsYour new Sun Stream Saunacomes equipped withbackrests constructed fromWestern Red Cedar. Positionthe backrest as pictured toprovide lower back supportand to position yourself acomfortable distance from theInfrared heater panels.AccessoriesAromatherapyEnjoy the aroma of your favorite essential oils,such as eucalyptus or lavender, while in thesauna. Add water and a few drops of youressential oil to the aromatherapy glass which canbe hung on the wall heater guard.

Page 21 1 - 888 262 4477 Enjoy your Free BonusGift Sauna Accessories !! Sun Stream Plush Spa TowelSun Stream Dry Skin BrushSun Stream Pure Wool Felt Sauna Hat

Page 22 1 - 888 262 4477 Floor Heater and General MaintenanceIt is inevitable that you will drip some sweat down through the floor grate and on to the floorheater panel. Try to minimize this by wiping sweat from your body regularly during your saunasession.The floor heater can be used with or without a SMALL towel under your feet. SweatAlways sit on a towel on the sauna benchand wipe yourself down with a smalltowel to contain your sweat. This willminimize staining of the wood surfaces inthe sauna.

Page 23 1 - 888 262 4477 XCAUTION: DO NOT useLARGE towels on the floorheater that cover any morethan 30% of the floor heater.SMALL towel only.Floor Heater CleaningSimply tilt the floor grate up to accessthe floor heater. Gently wipe theheater with a damp cloth to clean. A bit of dish soap can be used on thefloor heater if necessary. DO NOT scrub the heater withexcessive pressure. Follow the same guidlines for cleaningthe wall heater panels.

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Interior Control Panel Temperature Sensor FRAGILE DO NOT 1 - 888 262 4477

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Connecting the sauna to your house power supply When the sauna is plugged into you wall outlet the red Power Indicator light on the control panel will be on. The Bluetooth audio receiver on the roof will make a beeping noise its indicator light will turn on. ON/OFF for Heaters Push the POWER button to turn the sauna heaters ON. The various displays will come on. The sauna heaters will remain ON until the timer runs down to 00. The sauna heaters can be turned OFF at any time by pushing the POWER button. Timer Adjustment The default time is 60 minutes. Press + or - to change the Timer setting. The maximum setting is 60 minutes. The minimum setting is 5 minutes. Pre Heat Sun Stream Infrared Saunas are typically used by preheating the sauna for 20-30 minutes. Thermostat Adjustment Press + or - to change the Thermostat setting. Increase Thermostat Setting: Press the + button to increase the temperature by 1 degree C increments. The maximum setting is 65 C. Decrease Thermostat Setting: Press the - button to decrease the temperature by 1 degree C increments. The minimum setting is 25 C. 1 - 888 262 4477

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Thermometer /Thermostat Display When the POWER button is turned ON the digital display will show the Thermometer reading. Anytime the + and - buttons are pushed the Thermostat setting display will show. After setting the thermostat the display will return to displaying Thermometer reading. Temperature Control When the interior air temperature is below the Thermostat set temperature, the heaters will remain ON. When the interior temperature is higher than the Thermostat set temperature, the power to theheaters will be turned OFF. The heater panels will begin to cool down, air temperature and Infrared levels will slowly drop until the Thermostat is activated and the power to the heaters will be turned back on. AII (Adjustable Infrared Intensity) The Intensity button on the control panel will adjust the Infrared intensity much like a dimmer switch for a household light. Press the Intensity button to select 100%, 75% or 50 % levels of Infrared intensity for different purposes and individual needs. 1 - 888 262 4477

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